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April 16th, 2018, Posted by Pixel Global

Making your Mobile website a great user experience same like the desktop has become essential in the rise of the year 2018. The “mobile first index” is what Google switched to this year and so the ranking has a crucial play on the basis of the mobile website experience.

If you think your website lacks in Google search result here are top 7 steps which will guide – “How to optimize the mobile site” for a better result.

1. Improvement in page loading speed:?

To increase the users for your mobile website the loading speed of the page should be well optimized i.e not more than 3 seconds. You can easily check the loading speed of your website using the Google tool “TestMySite”. If you want to work out on loading speed of your page check the images whether they are optimized or not? All images should be compressed, check and use the browser caching, minify CSS. Since more users in India are using 4G network there expectation is to have a super fast response which will convert the load speed of the page.

2. Making the Mobile website user friendly:

We were hearing regularly about the responsive design but it needs to be user friendly as well. Dynamic serving, different URL’s, correct configuration of mobile phones all are depended on it. Like all others there is plus and minus points but it doesn’t create any drastic changes when it comes to the SEO. The different resources would help you to improve and you can guide it through the “Google Mobile Friendly” test.

3. SMS / Tele-Calling Marketing gives engaging consumers:

From years the SMS marketing technique is followed than came the Tele-calling, as the e-mailers is emerging higher for desktop marketing the SMS and Tele-calling is equally valuable. To get the engaging viewers that may convert to users the free SMS or Toll Free number service works as a miracle.

4. Accelerated Mobile Pages:

To make a website friendly we all know AMP have reaped advantages. So, using the same for the mobile web optimization is important. It offers the improved SEO solution which is utmost essential for a website. It is next best option made for the mobile and offers the near instant loading solution.

5. Local SEO a crucial one

We all are aware of the fact that if we get targeted locally it would be easy to reach potential customers, but we fail and compete with the global players. By using the Meta tags, Meta descriptions, optimized images, adding the reviews feedbacks, the name of the city were products/services are made, providing address and more like we can make a perfect Local SEO service. Reaching the users through targeted keywords, sharing in social pages an improved local SEO service is made that delivers more mobile users.

6. Voice Search

As Google keeps on trending some new features and updating the SEO rules it has announced the voice search in last year (2017). It was all set and tuned up in 2016 and is planned to flow well till 2020. Since browsing is time taking and take little effort when it comes to typing more users like to talk and this brings the voice search as an effective measure. Using the long trail keywords, or suggested keywords by Google is a good source of target.

7. Engaging customers through Sign-in

Since competition is high users look for the best deal and sometimes forget that which website they browsed? To make a comfort zone to your viewers it’s beneficial to make a sign-in page where the users will give their name and email/phone number. It helps you to remind your viewers about the deal they were looking for!

Keeping the fields to submit minimum and making it password protected helps you to get the customer confidence and bring more users.

Henceforth ….

If we see from the SEO point Mobile optimization gives a good reason for optimization. To make the conversion of viewers to users the Mobile SEO is effective in future aspects too. To get a mobile website optimization for Google Search you can also hire the expert SEO service provider in Bokaro. Cyber Flavors offers the best of rate and appropriate service to grab more users.

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