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Do you want to run your business online? Is your existing e-commerce site lacking its visibility? Then all you need is a fantastic e-commerce site with a robust structure. At Pixel Global Canada, we transform the business brand through exceptional digitalism with the perfect blend of technology, design, and creativity.

When your potential buyers visit your online store, they expect a wide range of features that can make their buying experience more pleasant. To provide them a pleasant shopping experience, your e-commerce website must create a safe and secure environment so that the buyers can carry out their transactions securely.

With the power of technology, the web developers and designers, at Pixel Global Canada, carefully craft unique online storefronts that power our clients’ online sales. With the rapid growth of the online market, having an e-commerce website design will allow you to reach out and offer your products to your global clients.

Are you planning to sell your products online and
need a fully functional ecommerce website?

We custom design and develop wordpress ecommerce websites to make your store succeed online!

Turn Your Dream into Reality
with a Strategically Designed e-commerce Website

Pixel Global Canada is the leading e-commerce website design company in Canada that offers the most flexible packages for creating the most effective e-commerce website. Be it a small home business, a retail store, or a full-fletched business, our expert designers plan and decide which one suits your business requirements perfectly.

Creating an e-commerce website is much more complicated than designing a static one. This is why we have a team of expert e-commerce website developers who research extensively on the market and analyze your competitors to come up with the best in class solution for your site. We create a strategy, depending on your needs, clients’ requirements, and Google’s preferences, and design the most user-friendly e-commerce website ever.

Tracking your sales is a must to measure your success. A normal website would not provide you this feature. With an e-commerce website, you can track your sales. With automatic report generation functionality, you will not only be able to measure your sales but also you can categorize, restructure, and re-position your products in a better way to improve your return on investment.

What we do for your e-commerce site
It’s all about the advanced features!

Creating an e-commerce website and developing a result-driven one is completely different, and you can spot the difference only when you choose the best e-commerce website builder for your small business. Your small business needs more visibility, and it has to be well-organized. And this is why we include all the advanced features to make it highly user-friendly.

  • Suggested Pages: To increase the conversion rate, having a suggested page option in the search bar is a must. This will encourage your customers to try something new and help you boost your conversion rate.
  • Related Products: The next unique feature we add is the “related products” in which the related products are displayed to your viewers when they search for something. This feature lets your customers stay some more time on your site, and thus, increase the chances of sales.
  • Product filtering: We make your site highly flexible by including a “product filtering” feature. This feature makes your customers’ shopping experience enjoyable since they can avoid viewing an endless number of products and find something they are looking for.

You Ideas and Our Methodologies
To create the most useful e-commerce website when Combined

Our team consists of some of the best website designers and developers in Canada who have extensive knowledge in creating all kinds of e-commerce sites. Since customization is their forte, they know how to drag and drop your site to live. We listen to your ideas before strategizing our methodologies. With the effortless design, we deliver exactly what you dream of.

Our methodologies include –
To make the site vibrant, we add products, include relevant descriptions, specifications, and images. By including all the details and making it user friendly, our expert developers ensure potential customers get their preferred product and its relevant items with just a single click.
The next important part of an e-commerce site is, categorizing the products. An e-commerce website might include over a million products in it, so the right categorization is a must to increase sales and encourage them to try something new. When your customers get what they need in their single search terms, the chances of buying the product increases. Our creative experts make sure all products are organized and categorized in the right way.

When you hire us to create an e-commerce website, you can rest assured the site will go live the soonest way possible. To provide a satisfactory experience to your customers, we ensure the payment gateways are user-secure, user-friendly, and technically advanced. Feel free to contact us to get a free expert consultation!

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