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USE Pixel Global SEO STRATEGIES – START BEATING Your Competitors

The biggest mistake small businesses make when marketing is trying to compete with larger companies.

Advertising your product through internet services can be a bit expensive for you. Most companies spend a huge amount on marketing their brand on a large scale. It would make it hard and challenging for you to compete with your present market share. You will simply fail if you try to go ahead with a large business. You would fail to stand in front of large companies. There are several spots on the first page of Google. And these spots are mostly filled with reliable and highly authoritative websites like Target, Amazon, Wikipedia, and many others.

A solution to this problem: To get your position on the first page on Google, you need to be more strategic. Focus on the long-tailed keywords that can help you to stay on Number one. It can also increase your revenue.

Long-tailed keywords are the set of words that people mostly search on Google. These contain 3 to 6 words and looks like a phrase. Here are some examples of these keywords;

“Best plumbers near me.”
“For much, should I sell my car?”

What help do we get from Long Tailed Keywords?

  • These keywords are not much competitive, like generic keywords. These will help you to get ranked on the first page on Google and help drive targeted traffic to your website.
  • Nowadays, people talk to Google like they talk to a person. So, people turn on the conversation to save their time to type on Google. We consider it a higher lead at your closing business.

It will be best if you focus on the long-tailed keywords that most people search on Google for the highest times. We will dramatically increase the website traffic for your website by doing so.

Example: If we rank your web page on the first page of Google for 15 keywords and each keyword gets 100 searches on an average in a month. It means that 1500 people visit your website every month.

A good performing website will get 1,500 to 3,000 hits to their website a month.

We project on ranking your site on the First Page on Google for half of the keywords in the first two or three months.

The Link Building process
This is the fuel that will drive you higher on Google.

Sample results
This is what we project will happen for you.

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