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Pixel Digital IT Services – Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

This section of our website is planned to disclose the basic privacy principles and the fundamental terms of proving service, as practiced by Pixel Global IT Services.

We hereby declare that we are dedicated to the protection of customer privacy. In case we ask you to provide personal information or identification details during your visit to our website, we only do it for the purpose of providing quality service to our customers. From our end, we assure you that we use such information according to the verified terms of usage and customer privacy statement. We collect only the required information for the purpose of providing full professional justice to our esteemed customers.

Privacy Policy

Some of the key elements of the Privacy Policy, as followed by Pixel Global IT Services, are explained in detail below –

  1. Collection of personal information from the user

    Personal details of the user are collected on certain pre-specified occasions which include scheduling an appointment with our team, asked to provide a quote, online registration for a consultation session with our experts and asking to contribute with regards to user-generated content. Generally, the kind of information that is collected from the users contains the name of the user, contact details, email address, the budget of the proposed project, necessary information about the proposed project, etc.

  2. Usage of the collected user information

    The personal details collected from the user enables us to contact the user, in case there is a prospect. We generally contact users for discussions regarding details of a project, specified budget, etc. We communicate further only when the user is interested to do so. Such personal (or even not-so-personal) user information is never shared with or sold to any of the third party organizations for their benefit. We are in full cooperation and coordination with the lawful authorities of our country. We do cooperate with the governing forces and the third party associations in case of enforcement of a necessary law, for the protection of individual’s intellectual property rights and in case of necessary precautions required for preventing fraudulent activities. Therefore, at times, it becomes compulsory for us to disclose certain personal user data, but only when it is abided by the law.

  3. The Policy with regards to user-generated content

    In our website there is a section where you can contribute content, such as comments on various blogs etc. So in case if you contribute any such content, specifically termed as user-generated content, a few of your personal information might reflect on our website. Such information may include your name as well your email address. While agreeing to submit any such content on our website, you are agreeing to the fact that we can have access to your content and can also retain or disclose this information and also the content you posted.

  4. Policy related to Cookies

    Every time when our website is viewed by any user, a text file, popularly known as ‘Cookie’, gets stored by the browser that is being used by you. These cookies, however, do not have any access to your personal data, neither do they give any right to access your system. These cookies are generally used for the purpose of analysis of the web traffic. They help us to manage our customer experience. Although many of the web browsers that are available accept cookies automatically, you have the right to accept/decline any such cookies that might appear. There are ways to modify the cookie acceptance policies of your personal web browser. If you are declining the cookies, you might not be able to gain full access to certain sections of our website. Also, we assure you that we are not in favour of selling any of the statistics stored in the cookies to any of the third party organizations for the purpose of marketing and/or data mining.

  5. Policy related to other Website Links

    In some of the segments of our website, you can see that there are embedded external links to other websites. Once you click any of those links, you are going to get redirected to that website, leaving our website behind. So if you enter the territory of another website, you are going to be subjected to the rules, regulations and policies of that particular site in question. In that case, we hold no responsibility for the safeguarding of your personal details or any such data that you may provide while using another website. We have no control over the privacy policy of any other website, which might have a redirection from ours.

  6. Protection of User Information

    From our side, we can assure you that we have taken care of all technological, technical as well as functional security procedures which are highly necessary for the protection of user information from loss, misuse, destruction or alteration. Also, it must be kept in mind that no transaction over the internet world is ever a hundred percent secured. Therefore, entering or providing personal user data on our website is completely up to the user’s own discretion and risk.

  7. Matter of User Consent

    If you are using our website and entering personal information in the required fields, then you are automatically giving your consent towards the proper use of the provided information. Also, this means you are accepting our rules & regulations as elaborately discussed in our Privacy Policy section.

  8. Issues related to changes in Privacy Policy

    We would like to clarify that according to our needs and demands, we may keep changing or amending our Privacy Policy at several times. All such necessary changes will be discussed on this very page. If you are interested to stay updated with our policies related to privacy and protection of user data, you can keep an eye on this particular page on a daily basis.

In any case, if you feel like any of the policies mentioned above are not being followed by us, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to listen to and solve your issues.

Terms of Service

Some of the important elements of the Terms of Service, as abided by Pixel Global IT Services, are discussed in detail below –

  1. Basic Rules & Regulations

    If you are entering and accessing our website (www.pixelglobalit.com), once or more than once, you are automatically agreeing to our Terms, Conditions, Laws, Rules and Regulations. You are going to be completely responsible for your compatibility or incompatibility with these rules, as mentioned by us. In any case, if you are not in favor of accepting the terms and conditions that we have put forward, then you will be restricted from entering or using our website or website data. Every written document, blog, picture, pieces of information etc, as seen in this website, are made secure by the application of owner copyright and the trademark law. Unauthorized use of any of the mentioned material may lead to the violation of law, which can bring about negative consequences.

  2. Certain Restricted Actions

    There are certain actions which are restricted for the users when you are accessing our website. In case any one of these actions are being performed by you, you need to have written formal permission from Pixel Global IT Services. Any user of this website is not free to –
    – Copy, modify, reconstruct or use any of the material present in the website.
    – Use the data provided on the website for commercial as well as non-commercial purposes.
    – Use the data provided on the website for any kind of public projection.
    – Try to decode or break through any of the software that is being used by our website.
    – Erase or omit any trademark, copyright or any other such demarcations from any of the content as displayed in our website.
    – Transfer data to any other website, person or another server.

  3. Areas of Limitation

    Some of the displayed content of our website may contain technical, technological, typographical or photographical errors and errands. These errors are not made consciously. Although, we would like to clarify that we do not give a guarantee that all sorts of information provided over the website is absolutely accurate, reliable, wholesome or updated. We have the right to change any of the provided information on our website, without prior intimation to the users. Also, we do not give a guarantee that we are going to update information throughout. Taking the provided information as reliable is completely up to the user’s discretion.

  4. Access of External Links

    We are not in favor of any kind of external publicity or marketing through our website. All the embedded external links provided in our website is relevant to the context and thoughtfully displayed, they are not a part of any kind of publicity or advertisement. Also, being redirected to an external website is a user’s personal discretion and not our responsibility to look after.

  5. Issues related to change of Terms of Service

    According to our requirement, we may keep changing or modifying our Terms of Service at different times of the year, without providing a prior intimation. All such changes and modifications will be duly mentioned on this page of our website.

In any case, if you feel like any of the Terms of Service mentioned above are not being followed by us properly, please feel free to contact us. We are here to serve you better and look after all your problems and issues.

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