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Give Your Business the New Heights with Pay Monthly Website Plans

We aim to provide a cutting-edge website that scales with your business while making it affordable for you.

Today’s business is all about excellent customer service. And for small businesses, it is highly important to look catchy and authentic to draw customers’ attention. With a professional web design service, you can make a website specially customized for your business. Worried about the budget of designing a user-friendly website? Fear Not! Our pay monthly website packages are flexible and affordable.

At Pixel Global, we use the user-friendly design to convert your visitors into inquiries. The design of your website enhances your branding, and we ensure the branding work is done. Now, you can get your website built at your budget. Gone are those days when you had to pay a lot for the setup costs. Our new pricing model is going to give you freedom from the big upfront set up costs. We will design your pay monthly website and live it as soon as possible and provide you constant support.

pay monthly website design

How Our Pay Per Month Website Can Benefit You:

If you are a small business or an entrepreneur, spending a lump sum amount can be overwhelming for you. This is the reason we have introduced pay per month website design services, especially for small businesses and startups. When you choose our services, you benefit in multiple ways.

  • You get a fully managed website:
    We use WordPress to develop websites under our monthly packages. We continue your project and monitor it after you renew your monthly subscription. However, if you choose our basic site plans, you might not get all the perks. You can check our packages to determine what you need.
  • Security Monitoring:
    When it comes to running a business website smoothly, maintaining website security is a must. Every day, millions of websites get hacked and face severe losses. We keep the security of your website in mind while designing the website.
  • Faster design and development:
    Our designers use WordPress to design the pay monthly websites. Apart from this, we have decades of experience in WordPress development. That means we understand how to speed up your website and make it customer-friendly.
  • Monthly Technical support:
    Running a website smoothly is not an easy task. You need to be technically advanced to understand every flaw of the website and make it run smoothly. Websites sometimes act mischievous and understanding it is quite difficult. Our experts provide you with complete technical support, including fixing hacked WordPress websites, creating multiple websites, and everything that your website might need or face.
  • Instant support:
    We are active 24/7 to assist you in case of any emergency. So, whenever you face any critical situation, just count on us. Our experts are always active to help you out.
  • Convenience and backup:
    Forget the pain associated with running a website. With our pay monthly website design subscription services, make it easy and convenient. We promise we will fix any malware within just 5 minutes. If you want real-time backup with flexible monthly website packages, get in touch with us today.

Pay Monthly Website Plans & Packages :

We have shared our plans and packages below. You can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Small Business

$35Per Month
  • 15% Discount (yearly)
  • Setup Fee – $30
  • Suitable for small businesses

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Mid-Size Business

$60Per Month
  • 20% Discount (yearly)
  • Setup Fee – FREE
  • Suitable for small/medium businesses

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Large Business

$100 Per Month
  • 25% Discount (yearly)
  • Setup Fee – FREE
  • Suitable for medium/large business

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100% Custom Design
We never use pre-designed template

FAQs About Our Pay Monthly Website Services:

  • Do I need to pay setup fees?
    You only need to pay the setup fees if you choose our basic site plan. For the other plans, setup is not chargeable.
  • How long would you take to build my website?
    Once you subscribe to our pay monthly packages, you will get a review ready website within 7 business days. If you hire our content writers, we will complete the website and upload the content on behalf of you. However, pay monthly packages is a continuous process of improvement based on your request.
  • Should I sign any contract?
    No, you don’t need to sign any contract. You just have to buy the subscription for one year. And, if you want to leave after 1 year, we will provide you the backup of your site and the domain details to your account.
  • Can I customize the service?
    Yes, you can. Being the experts in this field, we understand what your business needs. We add more features and create a customized website for you.
    To learn more about our pay monthly website services or to hire our services, get in touch with us today.

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